Vendor Application
Vendor Application for HarmonyCon 2023

Primary Contact Information

Please provide us with the name and contact information of the person we should contact regarding this application. This is the person who will be contacted in case this application is accepted.

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Vendor Information

Badge Type

The type of vendor badge you are requesting.

Business Name

The name of the business, organization, group, or individual selling or tabling.

Table Name

The name of the table. This is the name that appears publicly.

Tables Requested

The number of tables you are requesting.

Tax ID

All vendors must have a valid Texas tax id before being allowed to vend. If you do not have one now, you must acquire one if selected as a vendor. You may acquire one here:

Classification Of Your Goods and/or Services

What is your primary mode of artistic expression, or what you primarily sell in a vendor hall.

Examples Of Your Art / Products

Please include examples of your work--DeviantArt, Tumblr, FurAffinity, etc. The presence of adult art in these galleries will not be prejudicial, but be aware that all materials displayed or sold at HarmonyCon must be suitable for a family-friendly event.

Electrical Outlet

Do you need access to an electrical outlet at your table?

Additional Personnel

Will any other artist or vendor be sharing your space? So we can advertise them, please list them below and link their galleries (if any).

Desired Location / Placement

For example, if you'd like to be near a particular other vendor, would like to be along a wall, or have other requests like those, note them here. Please note that this does not guarantee you the placement requested. We will do our best to accommodate our vendors within our limits.

Anything Else You'd Like Us To Know?

Questions, comments, concerns?

Badge Information

Please provide us with the names and contact information of the people who should receive badges, INCLUDING YOURSELF. We ask for date of birth only to verify age.

Badges Requested

The number of badges you are requesting.

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