Panel Application
Panel Application for HarmonyCon 2022

Notice: This is an application for the in-person event in 2022

If you would like to apply for the online convention in 2021, please visit

Thank you for your interest in applying to host a panel at HarmonyCon 2022! We wouldn't be able to have a convention without people like you volunteering their time to give our attendees fun and informative events to look forward to.

Please remember that panels should be kept family appropriate and MLP/fandom related.

Panelists and co-panelists must be 18 years of age or older, and are responsible for their own lodging, transportation, and meals. All panelists must have valid memberships (badges) for the time of their panel. Unfortunately we are not able to offer comped badges for panelists.

Panel applications close November 30th, 2021.

Primary Contact Information

Please provide us with the name and contact information of the person we should contact regarding this application. This is the person who will be contacted in case this application is accepted.

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Panel Information

Badge Type

The type of panel badge you are requesting.

Presenter Name

The name of the business, organization, group, or individual presenting the panel.

Panel Name

Please keep panel names short. If approved, this will be what we will call it.

Time Slots Requested

The number of time slots you are requesting.

Type of Event

Please choose the option that best describes your panel.

Panel Description

Please give a short explanation of your panel and be as detailed as possible.

Panel Description (Con Book)

Please provide a short description for your panel to be used in the con book. Make sure that it gets across the relevant information to attendees without being too long.

Have you ever put on this panel/event at another convention?

If so please let us know where and provide links to any photos/video footage from the panel/event if available.

Time Requested

How long do you expect your panel to run?

Is this a family friendly panel?

Bear in mind there are extremely few time slots available for 18+ panels. If you wish to increase your chance of being accepted, and you can adapt it to be family friendly, please choose "No, but I can make it family friendly."

Preferred Times

Selecting more times may increase your chances of approval, especially for less popular time slots, but this doesn't promise anything.

Why do you want to put on this event?

Please describe in a few words why you would like to host this event at HarmonyCon.

Microphones Needed

Please keep number as small as possible to help our A/V staff with providing everyone the equipment they need. If you need more than 4 Microphones, we will contact you!

A/V Requirements

All panel rooms will have speakers and the ability to connect a laptop or other device for audio and/or video if the room has a projector.

Other A/V Requirements

Please select any special A/V needs you may have.

Other Information

Questions, comments, or anything else you may need?

Final Check

I understand that I, and anyone involved with my panel, must have a Valid attendance badge and that badges will not be comped for hosting a panel.

Badge Information

Please provide us with the names and contact information of the people who should receive badges, INCLUDING YOURSELF. We ask for date of birth only to verify age.

Badges Requested

The number of badges you are requesting.

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